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5 alarm signals of the female body indicating possible infertility
According to the American society of reproductive medicine, 1 out of 8 married couples face the problem of conception in one way or another. And in a third of cases,…

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Genes, lifestyle, endurance and more: why women live much longer than men
Life expectancy is increasing in all countries of the world, and women on average leave the world ten years later than men. Scientists have found out the reasons why the…

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Don't repeat the mistakes of Lera Kudryavtseva: myths and truths about breast implants that you should know about
At the end of December, the TV presenter stunned subscribers with a confession: 15 years later, she urgently had silicone implants removed. Lera Kudryavtseva spoke in detail about the operation…

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Getting rid of depression, helping to fight excess weight and 7 other problems that meditation can cope with

Meditation is the practice of relaxation, concentration, and unappreciated conscious observation that develops the ability to soberly and impartially look at yourself and the world around you. About why it is so important to disable autopilot and start living in the moment, and at the same time, how to do it correctly, if you have never done anything like this before – in the material
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Rash under the breast-causes and treatment methods

When it comes to pimples on the face, many of us are already real experts and are able to solve the problems of hateful rashes in the Bud. However, what to do if the rash appears in a more intimate place – under the breast, causing its owner both physical and aesthetic discomfort? Read about the most common causes of rashes on this delicate area of the skin and how to treat and prevent them in the article
This is an irritating and itchy small red rash or cluster of pimples that occur due to the combined effects of heat, perspiration and skin friction on clothing. Continue reading

Bacteriotherapy: what is this method and who is it suitable for

At first, the idea of fecal transplantation may seem like a joke below the belt, but for several years this method has been helping people fight an infectious disease in which antibiotics are powerless.
Fecal microbiota transplantation ( TFM), fecal transplantation, fecal therapy, fecal bacteriotherapy and, finally, fecal transplantation – all these are different names of one very strange, but very effective method of restoring the natural microflora of the human intestine, recognized by official medicine. Continue reading

From scratches to burns: features of treatment of various types of wounds

Cuts, abrasions, scratches and burns: how often have you had to deal with these troubles and lose time to choose the right treatment methods. How to actually provide medical care for various types of wounds and not get lost in the variety of patches and bandages – in the material
Algorithm for wound care
As banal as it may sound, before touching the wound and resorting to its treatment, you must carefully wash your hands with soap. Continue reading

Dyspareunia: what to do if you experience pain during sex

According to various data, from 8% to 20% of women experience pain during sexual intercourse. However, these figures may be significantly underestimated due to the sensitivity of the issue. Because of the fear of judgment and isolation, embarrassment and shame, women do not rush to seek help. While the problem of painful sex is so common that there is even a special medical term for it – dyspareunia.
Despite the fact that dyspareunia occurs in men, women are most often affected by this problem. Continue reading

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Axillary hydradenitis: how banal shaving at home can end in surgery
In January, Vlad Topalov underwent two operations: the singer and husband of Regina Todorenko for the first time in his life learned what hydradenitis is. But many people do epilation…


First pregnancy after 35 years: what you need to know before you decide to conceive
The decline in female reproductive function is a gradual process. If at the age of 19 to 26 years, the chance of getting pregnant on the most fertile day is…


Bacteriotherapy: what is this method and who is it suitable for
At first, the idea of fecal transplantation may seem like a joke below the belt, but for several years this method has been helping people fight an infectious disease in…


Glaucoma-causes, prevention, and treatment methods
According to statistics from the world health organization, glaucoma is the second cause of blindness, after cataracts. Every year, more than 10 million patients go to doctors with this diagnosis.…