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Myths and truth about coronavirus: where you can take a special test and how to protect yourself
The world is sounding the alarm: more and more cases of coronavirus infection are being recorded in different countries. And few people know that the first time the coronavirus was…

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Frightening myths and encouraging truths about the dangers of alcohol during pregnancy and breastfeeding
In the first two weeks after conception, alcohol can not harm the fetus, but it can lead to termination of pregnancy, which the woman does not even know about yet.…

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Labia: everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask
If you've ever wondered if your labia are normal, you're not alone. This question somehow torments absolutely every woman. Due to a lack of visual information and a huge number…

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Double chin punch: how to get rid of the swollen oval that gives away your age


In the Arsenal of women has arrived: you can fight with the second chin with the help of facebilding and special hand simulators. But in a certain scenario, only heavy artillery will help — we tell you exactly what to do and how to save money on it.
Even the royals have problems
The causes of a weak chin, behind which the second one looks out, are usually overweight and weakened facial muscles. With the first one, everything is clear: you need to get rid of extra pounds. In the second case, if we are talking about women over 45 years of age, losing weight will not help, since the neck muscle-platysma-has weakened and sagged, perhaps there are cords (two grooves on the sides). Continue reading

Not a trendy diet, but a health question: what is the real danger of gluten

Gluten is a plant protein found in popular cereals. The same element responsible for the elasticity and splendor of the dough. We are increasingly hearing about people who are intolerant of this protein. But often even doctors themselves (especially in the regions) consider talking about gluten free nothing more than a fad… I turned to an expert who knows by example what gluten intolerance is, and found out what to do for people who have faced such a problem.
Talking about gluten intolerance is not really accepted in our country yet. Continue reading

Below nowhere: the causes of hypotension and why it is no less dangerous than high blood pressure

Women are more likely to suffer from low blood pressure. It is believed that the hypotensive life is easier than high blood pressure. The first will argue, because low blood pressure significantly reduces the quality of life: constant fatigue, dizziness, drowsiness. And almost no pills will be prescribed… So how do I help myself?
Causes of occurrence
You must agree that we hear about hypertension much more often than about low blood pressure. Indeed, strokes are much more common against the background of high blood pressure. But hypotensive, which is less than the hypertensive patients, have a hard time. Continue reading

Rosacea on the face: causes, symptoms, difference from rosacea and treatment methods

Rosacea is a cosmetic defect when a fine mesh of capillaries appears on the face. It occurs not only in women, but also in men — there is no gender binding. Age too, even in some babies with very thin skin, you can see translucent capillaries. The good news is that now in the Arsenal of cosmetologists there are ways to remove closely located vessels. Bad-the effect is short-lived…
Provoking factor
Couperosis (telangiectasia) is a condition that can be either an aesthetic defect or a symptom of a disease, such as rosacea. Continue reading

Not only the coronavirus: “Spanish fever”, Ebola, SARS and other terrible epidemics of the XXI century

On average, every ten years, the world is shaken by another outbreak of a disease that poses a threat to humanity. Epidemiologists throw up their hands: this is how it was and will be, only up to 650 thousand people die from flu every year. But medicine does not stand still, countries unite to resist the spread of a particular infection. A curious detail: far from all the viruses listed below, vaccines have been created.
Chinese pneumonia Continue reading

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Don't repeat the mistakes of Lera Kudryavtseva: myths and truths about breast implants that you should know about
At the end of December, the TV presenter stunned subscribers with a confession: 15 years later, she urgently had silicone implants removed. Lera Kudryavtseva spoke in detail about the operation…


Double chin punch: how to get rid of the swollen oval that gives away your age
  In the Arsenal of women has arrived: you can fight with the second chin with the help of facebilding and special hand simulators. But in a certain scenario, only…


Why earlier childbirth was harder and how do modern women get rid of fear
Modern conditions for women in labor are not comparable to those in which our ancestors gave birth. Women in Russia were often allowed to give birth literally in the field,…


Systemic lupus erythematosus-description, symptoms, and treatment methods
Lupus erythematosus is a rare but very dangerous autoimmune disease that affects connective tissues and joints. Almost the entire body suffers, but most of all the kidneys and liver. During…