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From comedones to lipoma: types, symptoms and causes of acne

They can change color, size, shape, and texture. The only thing that remains unchanged is the irritation that they cause us, popping up at the most inopportune moment in the most visible place. What are pimples and how to remove them-in the material
In the vernacular, they are called acne or acne, probably the most common type of acne. They appear as a result of clogging the pores with excess skin fat and dead cells of the epidermis. There are two types of gums: closed, usually white eels and open, what is commonly called black dots.

In open comedones, sebum is oxidized and quickly solidifies, acquiring a dark, often black hue.

Closed comedones are hidden under a thin layer of skin and have a white or pinkish hue. Comedones are dangerous only because they cause the strongest stress and irritation in their owners, as they tend to jump out at the most inopportune moment.

The most effective way to avoid acne is always, under any circumstances, to wash at night! To clean the pores and prevent rashes, dermatologists recommend using products containing at least two percent salicylic acid solution.

But it is not recommended to use the much-loved strips to remove black dots.

The fact is that the Velcro strips literally peel off the natural protective layer of the skin, while removing black dots only superficially. The pores remain clogged and vulnerable to infection.

For the treatment of chronic acne, external agents such as benzoyl peroxide, retinoids and azeloic acid are usually used, and in some cases, at the discretion of a dermatologist, antibiotics may be used for oral administration.
Inflammatory acne
Acne of an inflammatory nature can be easily recognized by the redness and exhaustion of the skin, centered around a small pustule.

They occur when bacteria join the excess skin fat and keratinized cells of the epidermis in our pores. Quite often, acne with inflammation develops from ordinary comedones when trying to squeeze them out on their own at home.

To reduce this type of rash, it is recommended to use cleansers for washing, which include benzoyl peroxide, as well as choose skin care products on an oil-free basis.

As an ambulance for the onset of inflammation, dermatologists recommend immediately applying a cream to the pimple, which includes a one-percent hydrocortisone and benzoyl peroxide. A consultant at the pharmacy will help you choose the appropriate remedy. And of course, such a pimple in any case should not be squeezed out, since this is fraught with not only the possibility of introducing infection and exacerbating inflammation, but also the risk of scarring or scarring.

Pink acne, also called rosacea, is a chronic inflammation that manifests as a characteristic redness and rashes of the skin on the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead.

Due to the chronic nature of rosacea, there is no treatment for rosacea as such. However, there are ways that help significantly reduce the inflammation that leads to redness of the skin and the formation of blackheads.

As a rule, people with rosacea have very sensitive skin in places that are prone to rashes. It is therefore recommended to use a mild hypoallergenic cleanser and a moisturizers are light texture.

Also, do not neglect sun protection, as UV radiation can increase skin inflammation.

It is important to know the triggers of inflammation that provokes skin deterioration. Each person has their own rules. This can be alcohol, physical activity, stress, specific ingredients that are part of care or decorative cosmetics, and many others.

Specific treatment of rosacea is also selected individually and may include both the use of external agents, such as azelaic acid and prescription lotions and ointments, and antibiotics for oral administration.

Before starting treatment for rosacea, it is mandatory to consult a doctor to confirm the diagnosis. Since pink acne can mask diseases such as eczema and lupus.
These are harmless surface cysts, in the form of small white hard pimples with a diameter of 1-2 mm, which appear under the skin, usually in the nose, cheeks and eyes. They cannot be squeezed out and are not washed off with acne remedies.

Milia can occur with any type and color of skin. However, more often than others, this problem is faced by people suffering from rosacea, sunburn, as well as fans of oil-based makeup products.

In addition to aesthetic problems, Milia does not pose any significant threat to health.

For home care of such skin, exfoliating agents with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), for example, with glycolic or lactic acid, are well suited.

If the means of home or salon care are powerless, for a radical solution to the problem, you can always contact a dermatologist, who will remove the Milia with a small incision.

“It is possible to temporarily ignore only comedones, miliums and possibly lipomas: they do not require urgent intervention, but they still need to be addressed, because they sooner or later lead to such consequences as inflamed acne. Clearly urgent intervention requires any inflammatory elements or situations, if suddenly acne suddenly appeared on the cheeks, chin, neck, back – in General, where they were not there before, or suddenly ordinary comedones changed their nature and began to become inflamed. With such problems, you need to urgently contact a doctor and, most likely, not even one, but several related specialists, because the skin is just a mirror reflecting the problems inside, and inflammation is a kind of signal about the occurrence of some problems. Special attention is required for suddenly appearing itchy elements, in particular, multiple small rashes, usually indicating allegric manifestations, which also require immediate intervention. Many systemic diseases, such as lupus erythematosus, also occur with the appearance of rashes on the face.”

Anna Safonova,
dermatologist, cosmetologist of the clinic of aesthetic medicine “Premium Esthetics»
Follicular keratosis
These tiny, goose-like pimples, or as they are also called, pimples, are most often seen on the thighs or shoulders, but from time to time they can pop out on the face.

Follicular keratosis occurs when an excess number of cells of the keratinized layer of the epidermis accumulates in the area of the follicles, thereby preventing normal hair growth and the removal of sebum, thereby causing the effect of goose bumps.

Most often, follicular keratosis is hereditary, but in some cases it can be the result of stress, an unbalanced diet and prolonged use of hormonal agents.

Keratosis does not pose a serious health risk and does not require special treatment. However, regular home or salon treatments to exfoliate dead skin cells will help the skin look more even and smooth.
This is a benign tumor formed from adipose tissue, so it is often called so-called, zhirovik.

For the most part, adipose cells are felt as soft, mobile nodules that form under the skin, in places of the fat layer, and can appear on almost any part of the body, including the face. As a rule, the size of fat cells does not exceed 5 cm, but in exceptional cases they can reach 20 cm.

The good news is that lipoma is almost always benign and does not require specific treatment.

If the fat causes physical or aesthetic discomfort, it can be easily removed by minimally invasive surgery.

However, if you notice that the lipoma has started to increase in size or cause pain, it makes sense to make an appointment with a dermatologist, who will prescribe the necessary tests and possibly conduct a biopsy.

“Lipomas, comedones or miliums should also not be left without the attention of a specialist for a long time. They require a slow, but regular and systematic solution, because the same ordinary closed comedones will sooner or later lead to the appearance of inflamed elements, up to the development of boils in particularly difficult cases, which always leave behind scars.”

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