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When it is useless to pump the press: signs of omission of internal organs and what it threatens you

Under the omission of internal organs is understood to be a lower location compared to the usual one or more organs at once. There are many reasons for this. There is a pathology in young people. People still talk about “lowering the belly”: how much do not pump the press, the muscles do not hold anything. We discussed with an expert what to do in such cases.
Weight doesn’t matter
Omission of internal organs is much more common than people think. Risk factor:

recent births;
coccyx injuries;
increased intra-abdominal pressure;
regular weight lifting (typical, for example, for people engaged in heavy physical labor).
a number of pathologies.
A sign of this “anomaly” is most often a characteristic protruding belly: both in slender and full people.
Vladimir Zhivotov
Main feature
“Since often the omission of internal organs is a consequence of injury to the coccyx and sacrum, this can happen to anyone. How does this happen? When falling on the coccyx and sacrum, the vertebral column stops, and the internal organs continue to move downwards by inertia, and the ligaments that support them stretch. If the body lacks vitamins and trace elements, endocrine disorders and, as a result, weak connective tissue, this worsens the situation. By the way, such a weakening of the tissues often occurs in people who restrict the use of meat in food.

The most telling external sign is a protruding, protruding belly above the womb. Moreover, it can be in thin people, and in full-at any age, at any weight. When the patient tries to remove it by the usual means-diet and pumping the press – it usually does not help. Plus, symptoms of omission of internal organs can be such diseases as frequent cystitis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, erectile dysfunction in men and heavy periods-in women, urinary incontinence.”
What can’t I do?
As we found out, many people, not knowing about the pathology, try to get rid of the problem with a series of physical exercises. Many of them can only make the situation worse. For example, you can not allow an increase in intra-abdominal pressure: in particular, to lift weights. New falls on the coccyx should be avoided, especially for those who often skate, snowboard, rollerblade, etc.

Our expert also recommends excluding trampolining from the list of possible activities, since during such “exercises” all internal organs simply “jump” up and down with a large amplitude and the ligaments stretch even more. Something similar happens when riding a horse. Those who are engaged in horse riding, there is also a risk of falling on the tailbone.

Pregnant women are at special risk
After childbirth, a number of women experience omission of internal organs. It is no coincidence that after the birth of a child, it is recommended to wear a special bandage.

“It is necessary to do this already from 22-23 weeks of pregnancy – this is the prevention of both the omission of internal organs, and premature lowering of the baby’s head into the pelvis and compression of the skull bones. Especially if a woman is concerned about lower back pain during pregnancy. In addition, immediately after birth, you need to tie up your stomach with a sheet – this is always done by competent midwives. And after giving birth for a few months, you also need to wear a bandage, and then you can switch to slimming underwear. This is really important and necessary. First, the bandage helps to relieve the spine, and second-supports the stomach, which falls down under the influence of gravity. Childbirth is one of the provoking factors of omission, especially childbirth with the squeezing of the fetus. This always ends with the omission of internal organs. The bandage minimizes risks and consequences.

But, of course, underwear alone is not enough to solve the problem. The most correct algorithm is exercises for lifting organs and strengthening the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, plus osteopathic treatment and a bandage or tightening underwear. A comprehensive approach is always more effective.”
Who should I go to with this pathology?
“To an osteopath who works with injuries and their consequences, restores the correct position of bones and internal organs. I also always recommend that patients visit an endocrinologist. If the body is deficient in vitamins and useful elements, if there are diseases of the thyroid gland, other endocrine disorders, we will not be able to get the expected result due to the weakness of the connective tissue. The health of the body consists of many components. In our case, this is an independent exercise, plus the work of an osteopath and endocrinologist.”

Omission of internal organs is not only a cosmetic problem, but also the cause of many diseases and disorders. Among the latter:

copious and painful menstruation;
ovarian cyst;
chronic prostatitis;
pain in the coccyx and lower back.
Many of these effects are eliminated or significantly reduced with proper treatment, so do not delay a visit to a specialist.

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