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Native walls help? Why doctors warn women who decide to give birth at home

Home births are not uncommon for a long time. They are practiced by a small percentage of women, but we hear about them quite often. On the one hand, this is sad news about fatalities, on the other — the stories of stars who have resolved the burden of the house and are ready to repeat the experience.
Which of the stars gave birth at home?
Recently born plus-size model Ashley Graham said in an interview that she gave birth to a son at home and was satisfied with the experience. The home birth was attended by a midwife and doula (an assistant responsible for the psychological mood of the woman in labor), who rushed to the star client as soon as she began to go into labor. According to Graham, if she had given birth in a hospital, she would have been more worried. Like, at home, she could even adjust the brightness of the lighting (apparently, Ashley is afraid of bright artificial light), stay longer in bed. And then move to the pool, where her son was born.

From Russian stars about the experience of home birth told Irena Ponaroshku and Elena Podkaminskaya. The star of the series “IP Pirogova” has two daughters, the younger Eva she gave birth at home — in an inflatable pool. In an interview with Regina Todorenko, the actress recalled this experience with a laugh, although in the process it was not up to him.

“At some point I felt so good, and then Eva-tink. At that moment, I was holding my husband, and he was holding me. And it turned out that in the process, I bit through the pool! In a word, it was all very romantic! I was given Eva, the apartment is flooded, and my husband with a basin and a MOP cleans everything. I liked it!”- shared Elena, emphasizing that no one calls to give birth at home. This is a purely personal and voluntary matter.
Dislike of doctors and hospital walls
Many people want to give birth at home, because they do not like the very sight of hospital walls. Someone for religious reasons. Someone responds to the negative experience of the first birth in a maternity home. Too inattentive staff, fear of episiotomy (incision of the perineum in childbirth), the threat of squeezing the baby, cesarean section (although without your permission, it is not allowed to do. Except for life-threatening cases, which is logical) and so on.

Irena gave birth to both her sons at home in a bathtub. I tried to go to the women’s consultation for examinations at a minimum and was sure that I would give birth at home without any complications. In the company of a midwife who was advised by her friends who used her services. “Until the ninth month, I was unsure where to give birth. Until I was taken on a tour of the maternity block of a very good maternity hospital. And there-for some reason glass partitions between blocks, someone is sitting on a ball, a woman is being darned, and she screams, there are white tiles, the clang of medical instruments, tired nurses… And I did not want my child to be born in such a place. I gave birth at home in the bath, without pain relief, ” she told the resource for Fun
What could go wrong?
Recall that private obstetric practice in Russia is prohibited, so no doctor will undertake to provide services for home delivery. We can only talk about midwives and douls, who in any case do not bear any legal and criminal responsibility. There are often cases when such midwives do not even have a medical education. Such news is periodically flashed in the news feed.

During the preparation of the material, it was not possible to find a single doctor who would have a positive opinion about home birth. Conversely. Everyone tries to warn the woman in labor about possible consequences. What could go wrong?

If the baby is in a transverse position and it already lacks oxygen, or the fetus is too large, you will need an episiotomy. Dole will not perform this operation for sure.

Slowing of contractions, fetal hypoxia (lack of oxygen and, as a result, slowing of the heartbeat).

Premature outpouring of water and loss of the umbilical cord.

Rupture of the uterus, detachment or increment of the placenta, postpartum bleeding

If uterine bleeding occurs, it should be stopped as soon as possible. No ambulance will have time to get to your house during this time for objective reasons. And paid as well.

Cesarean section, the need for which may arise urgently in the process of childbirth, it is impossible to spend at home.

In the case of pathology in a newborn, resuscitation measures will be needed, which by definition cannot be provided at home.

Very often, women who choose home birth assure that they have excellent tests and ultrasound results, so nothing bad should objectively happen. However, doctors do not tire of reminding you that everything can go, to put it mildly, not according to your scenario.
Mandzhi Maxim Ahmadovich
obstetrician-gynecologist at MEDSI clinic on Leninsky Prospekt
“Childbirth is always a physical and psychological stress for the mother and child. The tests may be fine, but something may go wrong in the process. I do not share the peculiar fashion for home birth. Propagandists, let’s call them that, say that everyone used to give birth at home, because there and the walls help. But then let’s remember the statistics of maternal and child mortality in childbirth. The figures are not comparable to today’s.

They also like to cite the example of Holland and England, since home births are not uncommon there. But again, we will not compare the size of the same Amsterdam and Moscow. And in England, you can give birth at home by notifying the staff of the nearest hospital. If something goes wrong, the team will be at the birth mother’s house within two minutes — and everyone will miss the car with the doctors, since the British are very law-abiding. We have a different reality, a different health care system and, believe me, it has much more advantages.

Colleagues told about a recent case when a woman gave birth with a midwife at home, and when something went wrong and the family called an ambulance, the assistant simply disappeared. The woman in labor was rushed to the nearest hospital, but the child could not be saved. And we all hear similar stories from time to time. Is it worth the risk?»

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