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Nerves are naughty: asthma, dermatitis, ulcerative colitis and other psychosomatic diseases

Unfortunately, we have almost no practice when a specialized doctor (for example, a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, dermatologist) sends a patient to see a psychotherapist, revealing a psychosomatic diagnosis. You’ll have to do it yourself.
Where does it come from?
Psychosomatic disorders are symptoms or diseases that develop as the body’s response to stress. What could it be?

regular headaches;
skin dermatitis;
ulcerative colitis;
gastrointestinal disorders (when the stomach automatically “twists” before an important meeting);
weight loss or uncontrolled zhor (we eat stress or a piece in the throat does not climb);
panic attack.
These reactions can appear or disappear depending on the presence of serious stresses in life. Lost their jobs — immediately activated insomnia, poured out strange spots on the skin or” suddenly ” appeared dandruff. But when the problem is solved, these manifestations themselves disappear. It is worse when they become diseases. Then we can already talk about:

rheumatoid arthritis;
acute heart failure;
diabetes mellitus type II.
Of course, the emergence of these diseases contributes to a whole range of factors. And chronic stress, nervous overstrain — among the first.
Life without stress is a utopia
Is it possible to get rid of stress once and for all? Of course not, this is utopia. Moreover, stress is an absolutely normal reaction to emerging circumstances. So our body is preparing to either act, or escape by conditional flight. Psychologists note that very often people with psychosomatic diseases suppress emotions for years, tolerate a situation that does not suit them. For example, they collect resentments against someone from close relatives, hold on to an unloved job just to pay their bills, do not know how to resolve conflicts, can not cope with anger, envy, aggression. Emotions that do not have an outlet, as if they undermine the body from within. People can go to doctors for years, take tests, spend money, and continue to experience discomfort.

Of course, the body has a certain psychological margin of safety. The occurrence of a stressful situation does not mean that the body will immediately fail and react with a number of sores. It is important that the stress level does not exceed the acceptable threshold. After the critical situation has passed, the body should return to normal. If the situation is resolved, but the person is still in tension, problems begin. Long-term negative experiences Deplete energy and internal resources.

By the way, in our country, the surge in psychosomatic diseases occurred in the early nineties. It’s no wonder why! In those years, few people felt confident in the future, the usual way of life collapsed, many were left without work and means of livelihood. At the same time, there was a surge in ulcerative bleeding, “rejuvenated” coronary heart disease, and increased blood pressure began to complain many times more women.
How can I help myself?
Stop holding back negative feelings and running away from a problem that has plagued you for years. Probably, in this case, you will need the help of a psychologist.

Any psychotherapist will tell you that it is very useful to relieve tension through physical activity. This was used in the 19th century to treat depressive disorders. Sports, work in the country, swimming pool, long active walks. As a result, you should feel a pleasant fatigue in the muscles, attention switches.

Learn breathing techniques. There are a lot of them, any of them will definitely help you relax in a moment of tension.

Watch your food. Pay special attention to products that are sources of tryptophan. Lack of this amino acid leads to a decrease in serotonin levels, which means that anxiety, irritability, and reduced performance. Tryptophan is found in cheese, fish, meat, legumes, cottage cheese, mushrooms, dates, red and black caviar.

But, of course, when it comes to the disease, only these techniques will not solve the problem. You will have to deal with it on two fronts: with a psychologist to eliminate the very cause of its occurrence, and with a specialist doctor. Unfortunately, not every specialized doctor will send a patient to a psychotherapist, revealing a psychosomatic diagnosis. But you can do it yourself, because each of us often knows what exactly could have caused the failure in the body.

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