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Rosacea on the face: causes, symptoms, difference from rosacea and treatment methods

Rosacea is a cosmetic defect when a fine mesh of capillaries appears on the face. It occurs not only in women, but also in men — there is no gender binding. Age too, even in some babies with very thin skin, you can see translucent capillaries. The good news is that now in the Arsenal of cosmetologists there are ways to remove closely located vessels. Bad-the effect is short-lived…
Provoking factor
Couperosis (telangiectasia) is a condition that can be either an aesthetic defect or a symptom of a disease, such as rosacea. In the risk group, if we talk about rosacea, people with a genetic predisposition. In another case, women with thin pale skin: the first and second phototypes. But to activate the problem, you need provoking factors. The latter include:

aggressive climate: cold and hot. The ideal weather for a person with a tendency to form pathological vessels on the face is autumn and spring with temperatures from +5 to +20 degrees. Everything below and above can contribute to the expansion of blood vessels on the face;

physical activity, when it means exercises that activate blood flow;

performing traumatic cosmetic procedures: peels, mechanical facial cleanses, laser sanding, aggressive scrubs, the use of creams with acids and retinol;

abuse of alcohol, spicy, hot food.

But as for being overweight, this is not always an indicator. Not all overweight people have rosacea or rosacea – there is no such connection. But there are professions where you can often find owners of rosacea-these are workers of hot shops, people standing at stoves, hot stoves. Again, if there is a predisposition to this problem.

Some doctors even recommend keeping a diary, recording when the redness on the face increases. This will help the specialist in making the correct diagnosis.

Alex Eden
doctor-dermatologist, cosmetologist
Better not to let it happen than to fight it
“Of course, it is better to prevent the appearance of rosacea than to fight it later. Look closely, if your close relatives have a capillary mesh on their face, you are also at risk, which means that it is worth doing prevention. If telangiectasia has formed, then you need to contact a cosmetologist for laser removal. Now there are specialized vascular lasers that are safe to use and give a good effect. And Yes, after a while, the vessels, alas, will appear on the face again – the problem does not go away once and for all. But it is possible to maintain the skin in good condition, of course.

Rosacea is often confused with rosacea. It is worth remembering that rosacea is an aesthetic problem, and rosacea is a diagnosis, a disease. In rosacea, there are not only telangiectasia, but also diffuse eretema – redness of the skin without visually noticeable vessels. If the disease is not treated, it progresses. And now there is a formation of inflammatory elements, papules, pustules. And then comes timetosay form when there is a growth of connective tissue, for example, on the nose. Everything is very serious and should not be started in any case.”

How to care for your skin at home
Home care is a matter of prevention. Creams can not remove the capillary network, but there are tools that can contain the aggravation of this problem. It is worth remembering that:

cleansing should be gentle, which means that there are no skin-drying agents in the Arsenal. For example, soap for washing, gels with acids are excluded;

care products must be non-comedogenic;

when washing, do not use hot water, because it expands the vessels;

the composition of creams should include soothing, anti-inflammatory components-panthenol, allantoin, neurosensin, Niacinamide, herbal extracts;

avoid solar insolation in summer. If this is not possible, use sunscreens.

And, of course, traumatic facial cleansing, laser resurfacing, aggressive peels, intensive massage and warming masks are prohibited.

As we mentioned above, you will not be able to completely remove rosacea. A year later, and maybe sooner or later – everyone has different ways, you will again see the capillary network in the nose or cheeks. You can achieve a stable remission, but you need to do laser procedures in a timely manner, exclude provoking factors (less acute, do not abuse alcohol, if possible, give up Smoking, minimize stress and violent manifestations of emotions).

Contrast shower, green tea and other techniques that will help get rid of the consequences of the party
It is not so easy to recover after a holiday or a stormy Friday night party with friends. My head hurts, I feel sick, my performance is at zero -…


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