Glaucoma-causes, prevention, and treatment methods
According to statistics from the world health organization, glaucoma is the second cause of blindness, after cataracts. Every year, more than 10 million patients go to doctors with this diagnosis.…

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Below nowhere: the causes of hypotension and why it is no less dangerous than high blood pressure

Women are more likely to suffer from low blood pressure. It is believed that the hypotensive life is easier than high blood pressure. The first will argue, because low blood pressure significantly reduces the quality of life: constant fatigue, dizziness, drowsiness. And almost no pills will be prescribed… So how do I help myself?
Causes of occurrence
You must agree that we hear about hypertension much more often than about low blood pressure. Indeed, strokes are much more common against the background of high blood pressure. But hypotensive, which is less than the hypertensive patients, have a hard time. These people often experience dizziness, weakness, and rapid fatigue. What is considered low blood pressure? This is when the upper limit of pressure is below 90, and the lower limit is less than 60 mm Hg. post’s. The ideal blood PRESSURE is considered to be 120/80 mm Hg.St, but acceptable deviations depending on age.

Very often, before fainting, people experience exactly low blood pressure.

Reasons for the decrease in pressure:

the decrease in cardiac output;

sluggish vascular tone;


severe blood loss;

increased vomiting and diarrhea;

acute pancreatitis;

alcohol intoxication and more.

By the way, there are many hypotonics whose activities are associated with heavy physical activity. For example, athletes. That is, a decrease in vascular tone becomes a protective reaction of the body. Doctors generally agree (and use statistics) that hypotonics live longer than hypertensive patients.
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Switching from one state to another
It is curious that a hypotonic can become a hypertonic. An increase in blood pressure is associated with a decrease in the elasticity of blood vessels. This happens, of course, not in one day, but over a number of years. Therefore, it is so important to monitor blood pressure for all people over forty years of age. Sometimes patients can’t believe that they have” suddenly ” high blood pressure, because nothing has ever bothered them. In fact, for a long time they simply did not pay attention to changes in their health.

According to observations, young people are more likely to suffer from arterial hypotension. Older people suffer from hypertension. There are few medications that stabilize low blood pressure. Rather, it is about increasing the tone of the walls of blood vessels. The good news is that unlike hypertensive patients, you don’t have to take maintenance medications for life, morning and evening.
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Dangerous stereotypes
If you ask most people without medical education how to help a hypotonic in a critical situation (when the blood pressure has dropped sharply, a person has fainted or is on the verge), many will recommend drinking coffee, tea, or even cognac. And put nitroglycerin under your tongue.

It turns out that these are dangerous misconceptions. Tea, coffee, and cognac do not increase blood pressure (except for a couple of minutes). But you definitely need to drink water: blood PRESSURE decreases when you are dehydrated. You also need to lay the victim so that his legs are located above the head — to ensure blood flow to the brain. And no nitroglycerin. Nitrate, as well as antispasmodics, will lower the pressure even more.

But if you hear the advice to eat something salty (fish, sauerkraut, cucumbers), then this folk wisdom is not without meaning — salt increases the pressure.

Important: hypotension requires vascular training. This means that it will be useful to gradually accustom yourself to a contrasting shower, bath. Special attention should be paid to physical activity associated with movement. Long walks in the fresh air and a full sleep of at least 8-9 hours, because people with low blood pressure often complain of drowsiness and loss of strength.

And if you feel that you are about to lose consciousness (dark eyes, weakness), immediately sit down and lower your head down between your knees and breathe evenly. The pressure should stabilize.

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