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Do not miss the diagnosis of Zavorotnyuk and Friske: headache, ignoring which is life-threatening

The country is still monitoring the health of the beloved Comedy actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, who was diagnosed with brain cancer. It turned out that the star of “My beautiful nanny” for a long time complained of regular headaches, but did not attach any importance to them. We discuss with experts in which cases it is necessary to sound the alarm.
What is the actress’s diagnosis?
Little is still known about the condition Of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. The actress ‘ family categorically does not want to comment on her current treatment.

A number of media outlets reported that the artist and young mother were discharged from the clinic and now she is undergoing rehabilitation at home. Whether this is a good sign or not is also unclear – oncologists just shrug, because glioblastoma is the most aggressive type of brain cancer, with good therapy and a successful combination of circumstances, patients live for another two to five years. The family does not give up and believes in a positive outcome, because little Mila needs a mother so much. Fans are also confident that the actress will get better.
Despite the fact that Anastasia herself did not comment on her diagnosis, it became known from her friends that the actress complained of regular headaches and even periodically lost consciousness. But she attributed these disturbing symptoms to banal fatigue. And indeed, who of us has not experienced headaches? There can be a lot of reasons: temperature changes, low atmospheric pressure, fatigue, attacks of pain from emotional and physical overstrain (tension headache).

By the way, another celebrity had a similar development. In early 2014, fans were shocked by the news that doctors found a brain tumor in singer Jeanne Friske. And it all started with a banal headache, which began in the star almost immediately after the birth of the first child. Pain accompanied the performer since the middle of 2013, and only after the malaise almost subdued the life of the artist, who felt extremely tired and periodically lost consciousness, she decided to seek help from specialists. The diagnosis came out of the blue: an inoperable brain tumor (glioblastoma, the most common of primary brain tumors).

Patients who were able to detect the disease at an early stage are treated with neurosurgical treatment (surgical removal of the tumor), radiation therapy with the use of chemotherapy drugs and supportive chemotherapy. Unfortunately, in the case of Jeanne Friske, who since the beginning of 2014 was treated in a clinic in new York, where she had frequent terrible attacks, the operation was not possible. In the summer of the same year, after a long course of chemotherapy, doctors decided to complete the treatment of the singer and sent her to rehabilitation in the Baltic States, where she celebrated her 40th birthday. But, it would seem, after visible improvements, the miracle did not happen and in the summer of 2015, the celebrity was gone.
Dmitry Makovicky
osteopractic specialist
“Patients with headaches come to me. It is often associated with vascular spasms and pinching of the cervical vertebrae. Now almost every person working on a computer or laptop has osteochondrosis. Pinching of the neck vertebrae can cause a headache every day. I had a patient – a truck driver – he’s got a terribly aching head. The reason was precisely thoracic back pain, which turned into a hernia. And if at first there were two protrusions, then a year later, while he was delaying the operation, there were seven. Now he lives with pins in his neck.

Of course, your head may ache due to changes in the weather or stress at work. I remove this syndrome with my hands. Someone is taking pills. But if the pain persists, the doctor will refer you to an ultrasound of the brain vessels. This analysis shows the slightest disturbance in the work of the cerebral circulation. Including neoplasms in the tissues.

I would also like to add from experience that our people would be healthier and avoid many diagnoses if they had regular medical examinations. Unfortunately, a very small percentage of citizens do this. Except for athletes and those who work in production, where this is an annual mandatory procedure. If we checked our health every six months or a year, the situation would be much better.”
Alarming symptom
The difficulty of diagnosing brain cancer arises from the fact that the disease may not make itself felt for a long time. Often, the patient first appears benign formations in the brain-gliomas. They may not give themselves away for several years. And since few people do MRI, ultrasound of brain vessels for prevention, they do not know anything about neoplasms. If the glioma develops into a glioblastoma (that is, the formation becomes malignant), the person can no longer ignore the symptoms. The disease progresses rapidly and in six months the situation may deteriorate so much that an urgent operation will be required.

According to oncologist Andrey Pylev, the symptoms that patients with glioblastoma face can be divided into two groups: General-brain symptoms and focal ones.

So, alarm bells can be:

Increased intracranial pressure. When headaches are accompanied by nausea and vomiting. And the pain syndrome is not removed by pills.
Weakness, motor disorders. If you suddenly start to lose your balance, faint, feel problems with coordination (one part of the body does not obey the other) – do not delay the examination.
Sudden vision and hearing problems. The tumor, if present, will eventually affect the fibers that conduct visual impulses. This will affect the vision: there will be light sensitivity, the effect of splitting the image, pain. Your hearing may also deteriorate significantly.
Irritability, forgetfulness. If a person constantly experiences discomfort, headaches and does not understand what is happening to him, irritability inevitably occurs. The first to notice the changed character of the household is close ones. Also, the patient may experience memory lapses, forgetfulness, and distraction.
These symptoms may indicate a violation of brain activity, which means that you should not delay going to the doctor to rule out any serious diseases and start treatment on time.

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