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Asthenia: what to do when fatigue persists

It is in the autumn that many people feel especially tired. Someone blames all the moping and weather whims that affect the mood. But it is in the autumn that chronic diseases become more acute. So now the question becomes particularly relevant: is it really just a slight malaise or is there reason to talk about asthenia-fatigue that does not go away even after a rest? You can find out more about this in our material.
Just fatigue or asthenia?
Many of us have heard about the so-called chronic fatigue syndrome, but most perceive it as a frivolous or even fictional disease. However, this condition has an official name — asthenia. This is a whole set of symptoms — such as increased fatigue, weakness, and decreased performance.

Let’s explain the difference between asthenia and just fatigue using examples.

If you are overworked at work over schedule or have trained too much before participating in the race, then fatigue is quite normal. If the feeling of fatigue does not leave even with a normal work schedule or any minimal physical activity, we can talk about asthenia.

Other characteristic signs of asthenia
One of the characteristic signs of asthenia is a feeling of fatigue after waking from sleep, that is, when even a full 8-hour night’s sleep does not help to rest. However, a full-fledged sleep with asthenia is sometimes only a dream: in this state, you feel sleepy during the day, but in the evening it is difficult to fall asleep, and then you can still Wake up several times a night. As a result, there may be a decrease in performance, impaired concentration and weakness. All this can be accompanied by unpleasant symptoms such as headaches and irritability.
Causes of asthenia
Asthenia can be of two types: it can be caused by some disease or be a consequence of lifestyle.

The first type is the increased weakness and fatigability in connection with the current or past disease. We all remember the state of weakness during a banal cold. Asthenic syndrome is characteristic of many moderate and severe diseases – from SARS to irritable bowel syndrome. Normally, after recovery, such asthenia passes, but in some cases it can turn into a chronic form: for example, if you do not follow bed rest or other doctor’s recommendations during treatment and recovery.

The second type is asthenia, which occurs due to an incorrect lifestyle. Unfortunately, this way of life in megacities is considered the norm:

constant involvement in work 24/7 with correspondence in work chats during non working hours,
obsessive desire to get enough sleep in 5 hours, so as not to “waste precious time” on sleep,
high bar and constant comparison of yourself with others: there is no sense of satisfaction from your activities, because the environment requires you to be “faster, higher, stronger”, encourages you to be proactive, or records you as lazy,
a huge role in the prevalence of asthenia in modern society is played by the fact that people are almost continuously connected to gadgets: this creates both mental and physical strain.
Solving the cause of constant fatigue
Regardless of the root cause of asthenia (disease or lifestyle), the result may be a depletion of energy resources. One or more of the symptoms listed above may be signals from the body about a lack of energy and the need to replenish it.
The treatment of asthenia
Treatment of asthenia is carried out in two directions: elimination of the root cause and replenishment of energy resources.

To eliminate the root cause-this means to treat the disease that caused asthenia, or normalize your lifestyle, if it is the case. You need to sleep 8 hours a day — or enough time for you to get a full night’s sleep — to be outdoors for at least two hours a day, at least three times a week to engage in intensive training, exercise every day, eat more vegetables and less sugar, and reduce the use of gadgets.

All these are known truths, but for a person with asthenia it seems impossible — there is no power for such changes. Therefore, it is very important at the initial stage of treatment to help the body restore internal resources a little. As a rule, a course of drugs specially developed against asthenia is prescribed for this purpose.

Enerion® is a French drug with an action aimed at the problem of asthenia (1). Enerion® helps to alleviate the symptoms of asthenia: such as increased fatigue, decreased performance, weakness, including after illness (1). The active substance of the drug is the original sulbutiamine molecule, which contributes to the restoration of energy resources (1,2).

With this support, it will be easier to restore energy to get out of the vicious circle, to normalize the daily routine and start living a full life — to achieve success at work and not overwork!

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