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Contrast shower, green tea and other techniques that will help get rid of the consequences of the party

It is not so easy to recover after a holiday or a stormy Friday night party with friends. My head hurts, I feel sick, my performance is at zero – there are all the signs of intoxication and you need to fight it correctly. Editorial Board I found out from the experts exactly how.
What is a hangover?
A hangover is a poisoning that the body fights on its own. But we can help him. After all, there is a whole Arsenal of available funds.

In the morning, the body still has the toxic products of alcohol breakdown – that’s why we feel bad. What to do? You can wait for them to come out naturally. Either use… enema, first of all advise toxicologists. But frankly, few people like to resort to this tool. So let’s list the others.

Biochemical detoxification

Buy succinic acid at the pharmacy. Dissolve one tablet every hour, no more than six per day. Contraindications include gastritis and high blood pressure. Another option: squeeze out the juice of 2-3 lemons and dilute it with boiled water.

Getting rid of edema

Alcohol retains water in the body. There is even a common expression “swell with a hangover”. Edema, in turn, can cause headaches. From a lack of liquid in the vessels, a person experiences thirst (“dryness”). To redistribute the fluid in the body, not only a plentiful drink will help, but also a sauna, a contrast shower. Another way is to take a liquid and a diuretic at the same time. The necessary diuretic effect will have watermelon, green tea.

Replenishing the salt supply

But just drinking water is useless, because you will run to the toilet, that is, you will not achieve the desired effect. It is better to replenish the stock of salts in the body, for example, drink a glass of cucumber or cabbage brine. The good old “Aspirin”will also help to remove edema.
Olga Soboleva
gastroenterologist at the MEDSI clinic on Leninsky Prospekt
There is a stereotype that the morning after a party should cause nausea. Like, the body will immediately become easier.

“The stomach is acidic, and the esophagus is alkaline. Vomiting causes an increase in intra-abdominal pressure and acid enters the esophagus. I do not recommend causing nausea – this can lead to esophageal diseases (such as gastroesophageal reflux disease). What do I recommend? On the eve of drinking absorbents: enterosgel, activated carbon. Alcohol is a toxin, and absorption drugs absorb these toxins and remove them from the body. Therefore, < hangover syndrome> passes much easier. You also need to know that absorbents do not absorb vitamins and useful microelements together with toxic substances. That is, they do not deprive the body of the necessary calcium, which is so lacking after drinking alcohol.”
Preparing for the party in advance
It is more reasonable to prepare the body for alcoholic libations and errors in the diet. First, alcohol is absorbed faster on an empty stomach. Therefore, it is not necessary to sit down at a generously set table hungry, it is easier to have a snack in advance. And also drink something from the absorbents, as already advised above. Remember that activated carbon is drunk at the rate of a tablet per ten kilograms of weight.

Main recommendation:

Do not overuse sweet alcoholic cocktails. Sugar plus alcohol is almost guaranteed to turn into a headache in the morning.
Wash down each glass with water. TV presenter and doctor Elena Malysheva also advises adding ice to alcoholic beverages, because it is also water. The last drink at a party should be water.
Alcohol dilates blood vessels, which contributes to headaches. A Cup of coffee, Malyshev reminds, will narrow the arteries, helping to get rid of pain.

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